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AKASO K88 Bundle Review – A Budget-Friendly, Durable & Stable Drone That Performs Spectacular Stunts


The durable and lightweight Akaso K88 Gyro RC Drone / Quadcopter is currently one of the most budget-friendly drones available today. However, there is a lot that sets the AKASO K88 Bundle apart from any other drone bundles available today. This 6-axis drone has been designed for all users and easy for beginners, which is the reason it has such a stable gyroscope that can be easily adjusted. The 2.4GHz frequency of its controller makes it easier to control the drone promptly, while it consumes less battery too. Moreover, this drone is also equipped with a built-in HD camera to take photos and record videos with bird’s-eye view.

What Is Included In The AKASO K88 Bundle?

The Akaso K88 Gyro RC Drone / Quadcopter comes a transmitter, two extra blades, four batteries and a 4-in-2 battery charger, a 4 GB miroSD card and reader, an instruction manual and a screwdriver.

Features & Specifications

As mentioned, the AKASO K88 stands out from plenty of other similar drones / quadcopters because of its various features and below is an overview of the most prominent ones.

Built-in 6 Axis Gyro:

The AKASO K88 is a highly stable drone when being flown, because of its 6-axis gyroscopic balancing. Apart from the fact that this drone is capable of making different flight movements, it can even be flown during days when the weather is bad, such as if it is foggy or windy. Along with various upwards, downwards and sideways tricks, this drone can also perform 360 degree rolls as well. There is even a speed variation mode and a trim option to ensure that this drone flies correctly and at the right speed. Unlike other drones that tend to end up crash landing when performing difficult stunts, the AKASO K88 flies very smoothly at all times.

Solider Protection

The plastic frame of the AKASO K88 has been designed such that its blades remain protected from collisions and impacts. In case its blades do end up getting damaged as a result of a heavy collision, they can be replaced with the two additional blades that this drone comes with.

360-degree Flip

There are many drones that are not able to effectively pull off a 360-degree flip, but the AKASO K88 can perform this stunt and others quite effortlessly. These aerial stunts can actually be performed quite easily by pressing the dedicated flip and roll button on the transmitter, leaving the rest to the drone.

Flashing LED Lights

THE AKASO K88 is sure to look quite eye-catching flying in the evening and/or late night sky because of the flashing LED lights that it is equipped with. Apart from lighting up the evening or night sky, the flashing LED lights also make it easier to keep an eye on the drone as it flies in the dark. The entire drone has a strip of LED lights running around it that flash in blue, red and white. If the LED lights are turned off, especially during the day, the flight time of this drone will increase up to 10 minutes. There is already plenty of daylight during the day, so it would be pointless to fly this drone with the LED lights turned on.

Built-in HD camera

Since the AKASO K88 is equipped with a built-in HD camera, high-definition photos can be shot and videos can be recorded from the sky. Not only is this feature very productive and useful, it is also relatively new when it comes to such budget-friendly drones / quadcopters. Thus, this drone is not only ideal for flying, but even for shooting aerial videos and taking aerial photographs. It is even possible to rotate the lens of built-in camera up to 30 degrees. The HD photos are taken at 1280 x 1024 and the videos are recorded at 640 x 480 and 30FPS. All the photos and videos are stored into the 4 GB microSD card that comes with the drone.

2.4GHz Transmitter

With the 2.4GHz, 4 channel transmitter that is included, the AKASO K88 can be controlled promptly and smoothly, without any interference. Using the transmitter, this drone can be controlled from as distance between 80 and 100 meters while still ensuring that the battery performance is efficient.

The transmitter has separate buttons for taking photographs and shooting videos. As mentioned, there is a trim button on the transmitter as well, which corrects the drone’s flight and makes it more stable while it is flying in the air. The trim setting can be adjusted depend upon the extent to which the stability needs to be improved. The transmitter also features a 1-inch screen that displays both the drone’s speed and its trim setting.

The reason the AKASO K88 is so easy to fly, even for beginners, and does not crash down in no time is because it tends to be extremely stable when flying. There are also three different speed modes to choose from, namely high, low and medium. The number of beeps that are heard upon pressing the button provide an audible indication of which speed mode has been selected/set. The low speed mode is indicated by a single beep, medium speed mode is indicated by two beeps and high speed mode is indicated by three beeps. The single button that has to be pressed in order to change the speed mode of this drone can be found on the left side of the transmitter.

Battery Life

The battery compartment of this drone can be found on the back side of the transmitter and it requires six AA-sized batteries in order to operate. As for the AKASO K88 itself, four Li-pro 3.7v 850 mAh provide it with enough power that it can be flown for up to 30 minutes or even slightly more if the LED lights are turned off and as long as the batteries are fully charged. The good thing is that all four of those batteries can be charged at the same time in the 4-in-1 USB charger that is included and it usually takes anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour to fully charge them.


Thus, the AKASO K88 is not an average quadcopter or a mere toy for kids to play with. Apart from being a highly durable and stable drone that is capable of performing some very amazing stunts, it can also come in handy when photos need to be taken or videos need to be recorded with an aerial, bird’s-eye view.

AKASO F250S RTF Racer Quadcopter QAV 250 Carbon Fiber Frame with Remote Control Review


The popularity of drones is increasing by the day, same to competition between manufacturers of drones. If you are look for a drone, then you need to go for the best one in the market, and one that suits your needs. Compare the features and prices to arrive at a better choice. Below is one of the best drone, so read more to find out why.

Product Description
AKASO F250S is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) controlled by a remote control. This quadcopter has good distance coverage when airborne and it is the perfect drone for an amateur starting out on drones. It comes with a price suitable for your pockets hence you won’t have to break your bank. AKASO F250S racing drone is easy to operate and more like DIY equipment. It comes with some great features that are bound to make you stick with this drone and enjoy working with it.
This quadcopter comes already assembled from the factory and you only have to charge its battery to full capacity before starting with your flights. It comes with a presence control channel with a remote that lets you monitor its movement with its strong signal over a wide distance.
The drone has onboard LED lights that make it appear so adorable and easy to identify. The lights also help the drone’s camera to take clear photos whether during the day or night or in any weather condition; rainy or not.
It has four blades that propel it at each corner with all its other components at the center of its structure.

Features and Specifications
AKASO F250S has some amazing features that make it such a bargain at the price it comes with Compact carbon fiber main frame
Its frame is made of carbon fiber which is strong enough to avoid damage to the drone when it crashes during flight. The carbon fiber is made up of more than two material types that have distinct properties to make it a better material for reinforcing the casing. The components making up the carbon fiber is lightweight hence does not cause any drag to the quadcopter.
LiPoly Battery and Charger
This LiPoly battery last for longer periods and may even make the drone surpass its minimum flight time as stated by the manufacturer. There are no breaks in flight due to the strong battery it comes with, so long as it is fully charged before takeoff. LiPoly battery reduces the frequencies of taking the drone down so as to charge the batteries, and also time taken to charge the battery reduces significantly; the batteries charge quickly. They have light weight hence a plus to the drone in flight mode. The charge amount of 3S 1800mHA 25C 3S LiPoly provides this AKASO F250S with enough energy in small amounts.
This battery allows the quadcopter to achieve a flight distance of 200-500M.
2300KV motors with matched ESC’s
AKASO F250S racing drone comes with 2300KV motors with matched ESC’s puts the drone top in its class. Quality ESC’s matched to the motors are the speed controllers and helps the drone achieve maximum current that makes the drone flights enjoyable. The ESC attached to the motor is brushless, and due to its light weight, the AKASO F250S is able to maintain a constant speed capacity making the flight always enjoyable.

Other features
It is equipped with LED lights to make it easily identifiable and take clear photos. It comes with remote control; 6 channel HT6+HT6DR.

Manufacturer: AKASO
Frame Diameter: 250mm
Flight Controller: CC3D with SBUS
Brushless Motor: 2300KV 1-3S Voltage
Brushless ESC: BLHeli 12A
Battery: 3S 1800mHA 25C 3S LiPoly
Flight Time: 10~14mins
Item Weight: 4.41 pounds
Item Size: 8.86 x 11.02 x 11.02 inches
Package Weight: 4.41 pounds
Package Size: 11.02 x 8.86 x 8.86 inches
On purchase of the quadcopter, it comes with:
1 RTF AKASO F250S Quadcopter, 1 Remote Control, 1 1800mHA LiPoly Battery and charger, 8 Blades, 1 Bag and 1 User Manual.

How It Works
AKASO F250S comes already assembled from the manufacture, just charge the battery to full capacity and you are good to go. It has a control channel (6 Channel HT6+HT6DR), with a remote control that makes it easy to monitor the drone inflight, boosted by its strong signal strength.
Charge the LiPoly Battery to full status for a seamless flight session that may last up to 14 minutes. Using controls on the remote control channel start the propeller blades on the quadcopter which is powered by the motors, the quadcopter will start to rise.
Control the speed of the drone by varying the attached ESC as it controls the speed stability. Change direction of the drone by the controls on the remote control to the location you desire. You can take aerial photographs of the locations they fly over also. Recharge the battery when it starts to lose power to make it function better.

· AKASO F250S comes already factory-assembled hence it is ready for use after charging its battery.
· The drone has a hard carbon fiber casing that is hard enough to prevent damage to the drone when it crashes.
· The modular design of the drone makes it easy to change damaged components in a few minutes and continue with flights.
· It has LED lights on its structure making it easy to identify its location with ease.
· The lights, speed and flight controllers plug straight into the integrated printed distribution board with no soldering required. This makes it easy to build and repair during races.
· The drone’s camera can take photos in cool or conducive weather.
· Covers a long distance of 200-500M which is way more than most other drones can achieve.
· AKASO F250S can achieve a flight time of 10-14 minutes after recharging.
· Its package from the factory has 8 blades hence enough for replacement when some get damaged.
· The drone comes with a bag to carry it around and protects it from external damage when not in use.

Final Verdict
AKASO F250S RTF Racer Quadcopter QAV 250 Carbon Fiber Frame with Remote Control is the perfect set for beginners starting with drones. Its 2300KV motors with matched ESC’s, AKASO F250S flight control mechanism, LiPoly battery and its charger combine to form a powerful drone which has less hassle to make it start flying and protective casing that makes it the best to withstand collisions when starting out with drones.
A decision to get yourself this perfect set of quadcopter is the best decision you will ever make as a beginner.

AKASO F250A FPV RC Racing Drones QAV 250 CC3D Flight Controller + HD Camera +Remote Control +AV Transmitter+ 4.3 inch LCD Display Review


Not everyone is experienced and expert in flying a drone. And of course for them it is mandatory to choose one of the best drones that is ideal for hobby users and beginners. The AKASO F250A Racing Drone is one such drone for you which is excellent for the beginners. It has a lot of great features which have made this product really a versatile one. It consists of first person view feature along with a high-definition camera of 2 megapixels. There are many more besides this such as the LCD screen and wireless transmission. Read on to know more details about this racing drone. This drone is specially designed for racing of drone. If any of the components get damaged due to racing, it can be changed within few minutes.

What Are The Key Features?
Features are the main attraction of any devices. With great features, the product gets better and functions better. So, before buying any product the first and foremost thing that you need to check is the features. So, the key features of one of the best FPV RC Racing drones are –

– This is FPV 250 size racer which has a built-in TS5823 FPV video transmitter. So, whatever video it will record while flying will be transmitted live to you.
– It is completely assembled from the factory only but it comes with rechargeable battery. So, you have to charge the battery before you start flying.
– The best part about this racing drone is its build. It is very simple and easy to repair as the build is not at all complicated. Thus, it can be repaired within a moment.
– It is built up of compact carbon fiber which makes the main frame quite sturdy and durable.
– It is also equipped with LED lights for low battery indications and other essential indication and signal needed to fly the drone.
– Once the battery is charged fully it has about 10 to 14 minutes of flight time. Thus, whether you want to race or capture videos via HD Camera you have 14 minutes of time which is pretty decent.
– It also comes with an LCD display which measures about 4.3 inches. This shows all the essential details about the drone and its location, battery etc.

What Are The Specifications?
The specifications of this racing drone are really worth mentioning:
– The frame diameter of the AKASO F250A Racing Drone is 250 mm and it comes along CC3D with SBUS flight controller.

– The FPV Transmitter is about TS5823 and consists of a brushless motor which is 2300 KV 1-3S Voltage.

– The battery is quite good with 1800 mAH power 25c 3S LiPo.

– The flight distance that it can travel from the starting point is 200 to 500 metre.

– It is controlled via a remote which is quite powerful. The remote control has 6 channel HT6+HT6DR.

What You Will Get?
On unboxing, you will get all the essential things that are needed for these FPV RC Racing drones. In the box there is one quadcopter along with a remote controller, a LiPoly charger and also an AV transmitter. Besides these, of course there are battery (specs mentioned above), 4.3 inch LCD display screen, 8 blades for the drone, a holder and a battery for the LCD display, a bag for carrying it wherever you go and also one user manual guide. Thus, for any queries and confusion on how to fly it you can take the help of the manual. It will guide you about the controlling and setting up of the drone to make it ready to fly.

How Is This Racing Drone?
If you are looking for a good quality superior racing drone for the beginners then this is the best one you can buy. It is fun and entertaining. At the same time it also shows you a beautiful bird’s eye view from the top with the help of its HD camera while flying. It is a kind of addictive to the new users and of course you need to recharge the battery every time you use. Since the flight time is about 10 to 14 minutes make sure that you charge it well before flying. You have to assemble all the parts one by one taking the help of the manual guide which may take some time if you are new to this. Thus, you can also take the help of an expert to assemble for the first time.

After the assembling is done, you need to fly it in a closed or space or open but make sure it is not too far or not too high. It will take some time for you to get used to this drone. Once you get used to it, you have to start practicing each day to fly it. Since it is very easy and simple to operate and use, you will learn it very quickly. After that you can play it with other friends to race your drone and also to shoot some breathtaking and marvelous videos around you. With the help of the good quality high-definition camera, you will be able to capture every bit of the scenery.

Customer Feedback
The best thing about this drone is that each and every customer who has bought this racing drone is highly impressed with it. After reading and researching a lot on the customer services, it is tested and proved to be brilliant. It is really a great one and everyone who has bought this has recommended highly getting this one.

So, undoubtedly if you are looking for one of the best FPV RC racing drones then you need to buy this AKASO F250A racing drone for yourself. With a few practices in the beginning you can fly it without any problem. Since this drone is made for the beginners and hobby users only it has very simple operations. Controlling and operating it is not at all difficult for you. So, if you are looking for a racing drone and cannot find the right one, then here is the one. You need to get this and try it once. You will surely love the way it works and performs without any hassle.

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AKASO EK5000 1080p 12MP Full HD WIFI Sports Action Camera Review


AKASO EK5000 Sports Action Camera (store)is a perfect camera for people who love to click every special moments of their life. At a reasonable cost of just $49.99 nothing can be better than this one. The camera offers many exciting specification that allows people to take wonderful pictures and video. With this camera you will never miss a moment to capture in your life no matter whether you are travelling or spending special time with your family. The camera functioning is very easy to learn and thus it is possible for everyone to click some picture without facing any trouble. The size of the camera is very small and thus you can easily slip it in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go. You can use this camera to capture any moment starting from recording car driving, outdoor sports, diving, climbing, swimming, cycling etc. Let’s explore the features of the camera in details:

The camera features a 2.0 inch LCD display screen with full HD resolution that allows users to view the pictures and videos on the camera screen clearly. You can observe what you are picturing and how the video is looking that you are recording through the camera. However, you can also transfer the videos and pictures on laptop, desktop or in mobile to watch them later on a much bigger screen through microSD card.

The camera features Full HD resolution to allow people capture and view videos and pictures with high quality resolution. The images can be viewed on different resolutions including 200W, 500W, 800W, 1200W and the video resolutions includes 1080P@30FPS, 720@30FPS and 720@60FPS etc. With such high quality resolution you can capture videos and pictures which looks real, sharp and vivid. Moreover, with 12MP burst photo you can click amazing pictures that you desire to capture with your camera.

The camera features a built-in Wi-Fi that allows users to edit and share picture with friends and family online. However, you will have to download an app to do so. Download the app EZ iCam in your mobile or tablet and then connect your camera with the app to download or transfer the pictures on your device. The Wi-Fi signal of this camera supports up to 10 meter distance.

The camera comes with 2 rechargeable 900mAh batteries that offer longer battery life to the camera. That means you don’t have to worry about carrying the charger before you go somewhere. With two batteries you can click as many pictures as you want without thinking about charging or even if one battery dies you can swap the battery with the other one.

Basically the camera contains no internal storage with it. If you want to take pictures through the camera, you have to buy microSD card for storing the data. It features a microSD card slot where you can put the microSD card. However, it is not clear that how much storage it can support but for capturing videos and pictures you will not require much.

The design of the camera is very simple and crafted perfectly to suit everyone. The size of the camera is very small and thus it can be carried anywhere. The camera contains everything to help you capture incredible photos or record videos easily. It contains a film button at the top of the camera, a button to on the camera, two arrow buttons through which one can change the settings and modes. The camera basically comes with a waterproof case which allows you to click picture even under water (up to 30 meters). That means you can use the camera even if it is raining or you are swimming under pool. You can also take out the case and continue capturing without the case too. The picture and video quality under water is also great.

Time Lapse and Motion
AKASO EK5000 Sports Action Camera allows people to take amazing pictures by offering stunning features. You can take pictures in slow motion feature to get more detailed picture of you special moment and you can also use different modes to take the pictures including single shot, time lapse mood etc. You can set the time intervals from 2 seconds to 60 seconds.

What Comes with the Package?
On ordering the camera you will get a piece of AKASO EK5000 Sports Action Camera with two pieces 900mAh battery, one waterproof case, 2 clips, 1 bicycle stand, 1 bandages, 1 helmet mounts, and 5 tethers etc.

There are many positive features are available in the camera which make it perfect for everyone. The pros include:
The price of the camera is one of the best things about the camera. The camera is available at just $49.99 from amazon.
The video quality is also great and allows people to record videos with full HD resolutions. The sound effect is pretty decent even if it sounds a bit tiny.
The camera is waterproof (up to 30 meters under water) and therefore users can take pictures even if they are under water.
Two batteries offer a longer battery life. Even if one battery dies you can swap it with another battery.
Wi-Fi support to allow people edit and share pictures through mobile phone or tablet devices.
Simple design and small size allows people to carry the camera wherever they go.
170 degree wide angle lens allow people to capture outstanding pictures in wide view angles.

Even the camera has two batteries each battery lasts up to 1.5 hours while recording video.
The camera features no internal storage that means you have to purchase an extra microSD card before taking any picture or recording vide.

The overall feature of this camera describes its value and spending such small amount on this camera would not be a bad decision for anyone. The camera allows people to capture high quality images and videos which are quite similar to many high cost cameras. At just $49.99 the camera features everything starting with good display, full HD resolution, Wi-Fi facility, great design and amazing picture quality. If you are a professional photographer, then it might not be the camera that you require but for a regular photographer, nothing can be better than AKASO EK5000 Sports Action Camera(amazon).

AKASO X8C 2.4GHz 4.5CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with HD Camera, 360-degree Rolling Mode 2 RTF LED RC Spy Drone review


The AKASOX8C quadcopter is a large and stable drone that is capable providing high-flying aerial shots. If you’re looking for a quadcopter with protectors and improved durability, then AKASO X8C drone is the one to go for. It has been designed with protectors to guard it from bumps and bruises during the flight. One of the main benefits of this drone is it’s 100-meter range. This capability allows you to capture amazing aerial footage. Also, due to its large size, the RC drone can hold itself when flown in the wind. Even though it is bigger in size, this quad is lightweight and can fly fairly well. It also has an LCD that provides the user with more information concerning various functions. When it comes to signal, this drone has strong signal which you can pick easily when it’s far away. However, it has a height limiter that prevents it from going too far up where it can loose connection with the controller.

Features and Specifications

. AKASO X8C drone is designed for all users and its also easy to operate for beginners. It’s 6-axis design gyroscope makes it adjustable and stable. The controller uses a 2.4GHz frequency for a faster and improved control while consuming less battery power.

. Has Built-in HD Camera – The HD camera allows the users to take shots and videos while flying. That means you can easily capture your family and friends from aerial view shots. The drone is controlled by a powerful 2.4GHz transmitter that is interference-free. This eliminates interference by other quadcopters. Another impressive feature about this transmitter is its range, which is 100+ meters.

. 360-Degree Flip – With this drone, you can do incredible 3D flips and roll it by a push of a button. The flashing LED lights provides an excellent flight experience at night. You will get some great view anytime you play stunt at night.

. More solider protection – The X8C quadcopter has propeller blades that are protected using high quality frames that help to reduce impacts from collision effectively.

. 4.5CH – comes with a 6 Axis Gyro – It’s channel provides strong stability, strong wind resistance, easier to implement different flights and easier to control.
High Flight Performance

With it’s propellers safely guarded by plastic frame, this drone is suitable for flying either indoors and outdoors. Propellers are about 9 inches long and they’re made of very high quality material. It’s flight time is between 5 and 7 minutes with flight distance ranging between 50 and 150 meters.

Colorful Lights

The X8C drone has lights on the underside that allows you to know the front and rear at night or in a dark place. The controller pairs quite easily and has controls for the HD camera for taking videos or photos. The battery compartment for AKASO X8C is very clean, and can fit a 2,000mAh battery perfectly without having to jostle around in the mid-flight. Additionally, X8C also comes with the red/green LED lights which help you to easily track your drone during the night flight.
Flight Mode

AKASO X8C has various flight modes that makes it easier to maneuver it. By pushing the speed button, the quadcopter goes to high performance mode. When stable, you can get the drone to do more tricks. Some of the maneuvers include upward and downward, rightward and leftwards and the 360 degrees roll, among others.

Headless Mode

The AKASO X8C offers a unique feature commonly known as Headless Mode. This is basically a feature that takes away the worries of orientation of the drone, which actually makes it easier to control your drone. In addition, the control is pretty straightforward, just configure the quad so that its front is definitely your front before the takeoff. When it comes to direction, you can either press right or left to move your drone to the direction you want.

. Propeller protectors – AKASO X8C propeller blades are well protected by high quality frames that minimize any possible of damage from the collision. The frames are placed slightly below the propeller.

. Controls – The controller can be operated easily by all users and even the beginners. By a push of a button, you can flip or roll the drone in whichever way you want. It’s also possible to turn the quad to any direction either left or right.

. 6-Axis Gyroscope – This feature adds to the benefits of this drone. It provides better stability, resistance to wind and easier to control. In addition, it consumes less battery power.

. Applicable in both indoor and outdoor areas – With this drone, you don’t have to worry about taking photos or video at the indoor place. It performs well for any indoor function.

. HD Camera – It has in-built camera that helps the users to amazing aerial shots and videos. Its a neat looking camera which is almost the size of a GoPro.

. Lightweight – The AKASO X8C quad is a lightweight drone, which means you easily move it around on the ground and can gain height quickly within a few minutes.

. The drone provides tons of power, great stabilization and descent flight time. It’s transmitter range is also great which is way above the average for any drone that is priced under $100.

. AKASO X8C is also affordable.

. Camera quality is average for this drone

. It’s also a little bit tricky to maneuver X8C especially the beginners.

. Due to its large size, it can be very unforgiving during a crash.

. It takes a little longer to charge an X8C battery – can take up to 180 minutes.

AKASO X8C is a revolutionary quadcopter compared to many other similar drones. It comes with many benefits that you will enjoy as a first time user or experienced user. You will definitely love to take great pictures from different angles and also enjoy to see the world from different positions. It’s also durable meaning that you’re looking forward to get a long service from this equipment. The drone is also cheap, so you have to break the bank to get one. Compared to many other drones, this is the best bet to go for if you are planning to buy affordable quadcopter. It’s definitely a value for your money.

Official Shop:AKASO X8C Drone

Amazon Shop:AKASO X8C Drone

AKASO X5KW FPV Wifi APP Control 4CH 6 Axis RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera & LED Lights, 360-degree Rolling Mode Review


Playing with drones both indoors and outdoors is very enjoyable for kids and other people when relaxing. AKASO X5KW drone is a drone in the market with very good features as expected from the very best drones. Its parameters are interesting considering their high quality. Among them is its weight, camera ability, transmission of waves and the model itself.

Features of AKASO X5KW Drone Review

AKASO X5KW drone depends on Wi-Fi transmission of model FPV. The processing of data is real-time meaning as soon as the data is recorded by the drone, it is saved in a mobile device of choice and no data is lost. In addition, no extra memory card devices are required to store data. With the application that runs the drone, wide variety of brands of mobile devices can be used to operate the drone. The limitations are very minimal. MiPads and phones operate best on a good Wi-Fi connections.

This device comes in a very good packaging of 12.75” by 9’ by 3.3“. This size is very standard and the weight of the entire drone is about 12 oz. The weight is very little an explanation as why the drone has very good capabilities when being controlled in the air. The packaging comes with all the necessary components needed to assemble the drone before it becomes operational. The main reason as to why the assembling is done by the buyer is to ensure that they get the ability to repair it easily in case of future complications that can need checks and replacements.

Since the drone operates using a charged battery, the package comes with a 3.7 voltage battery of 650mAh LIPO. The battery is rechargeable and is charged for only two hours. The battery supports the flying drone for a maximum of 5-7 minutes. This period is the best of all drones and within the seven minutes, a lot of data is collected and stored to your device for you to view. The battery that is fully charged is inserted in the RC Quadcopter after which the receptacle is plugged. The drone operates using only one battery

Because of its light weight, the drone is able to fly to a height of 100m depending on one’s preference. Having a 4CH 6-axis gyro, the drone is able to fly steadily at all heights within the range when withstanding different conditions such as strong winds and sun in the atmosphere.

AKASO X5KW drone has a 360-degree eversion rate and this gives it the ability to hover and fly in all directions. Among the stunts it can make is the left-right sideward flying, left-right stunts, backward-forward stunts, and the up and down hover. All the stunts you prefer can be easily made with this. AKASO X5KW drone operations are made more interesting with LED lights on it. They give the signals after connection of the battery and even when flying to different ends both indoors and outdoors. It can be easily traced with the LED lights.

Since the camera is the device that helps to get views from the drone, the HD Camera model on it has 1.3 megapixels with a picture resolution power of up to 1280*960. These qualities enable it to give a clear view of all the records or snaps in a fabulous manner. A drone with a poor view cannot give a clear view reducing the value of pleasure gained from flying drones at home.

The drone has a controlling distance of 24 to 40 meters depending on the strength of your Wi-Fi connection signal. The drone can operate with different Wi-Fi signal strengths. To cover the largest control distance well, strong Wi-Fi signals are required. These are the main parameters that make AKASO X5KW drone the best in the market both for you and your kids. Flying the drones with the kids maintains a good connection between you and them.

Strength of materials

Materials used in the making of this drone are durable and are also very light. This increases the lifespan of the drone while reducing the cost of maintenance and replacements. Taking an example, all its propellers are well protected with frames made of plastic to prevent the drone from breakages after a collision. The possibility of collisions occurring when flying the drone is very high. A collision during landing is prevented with the landing gears that are very strong.

Assembling and Maintenance

The manual to assemble and operate the drone is provided with the basic information that is very understandable. Each step is explained in details. Sites where the APP control can be downloaded are also provided. An example is the app store. To make maintenance an easy task for you, the package comes with extra equipment and these include; one extra battery, one USB charging cable, many screws and a single screwdriver, four propeller guards and four extra propellers. Extra batteries can be bought and with them, the time for flying can be extended by landing the drone and replacing the discharged battery with a fully charged battery. The extra packages are all free.

Price, discounts, and Delivery

The original AKASO X5KW drones are available from at a very friendly price. Each drone goes for $39.99 only. They are very affordable. When you buy two drones, a 3% discount is offered to you. When you buy 5 drones, a 6% discount is given and when you buy 10 or more drones, 8% discount is given. The more of them you buy, the more money you get to save. Apart from this, 39 loyalty points are given for each drone bought which can be converted to a $0.39 shopping voucher. Free shipping and delivery services are provided when you acquire the drone using Delivery is guaranteed as soon as you pay for the drone and it is done within the shortest time possible. The stock is well packed for all the drones you need.

Being the best toys in the current day, drones can be very challenging in operating and maintenance. AKASO X5KW drone has no any of these problems. Operating it even when you are a beginner is easy making it the best choice.

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Amazon Shop:AKASO X5KW Drone

Akaso X5C Bundle 4CH 2.4GHz 6-Axis RC Quadcopter review

Akaso X5C Bundle

Are you looking for a high quality, durable and easy to control quadcopter? Well, if that is the case then you have come to the right place. Selecting a quadcopter can be very tough considering the many brands. There is no doubt that AKASO X5C is among the best quadcopters on the market. The device comes with many attractive features that will make you to fall in love with. To start with, it has training wheels that make it suitable for both experience persons as well as beginners who want to enjoy flying. The controls of the device are easy thus making it ideal for new users. To find out more about this product, read on.

AKASO X5C bundle is not only a lightweight but also a durable quadcopter that will impress you. Its propellers are well protected using a plastic frame making it good for any form of collision you are likely to encounter when flying from one point to another. It is made up of removable hull as well as blade guards. This means that you can use the machine for both indoor and outdoor flying. The device offers high speed flying that you are not likely to realize if you opted to choose another quadcopter on the market. You can easily push its speed control button to switch the gadget to the high performance mode. Once the machine is stable, you can make it perform different tricks up/down//left/right through an angle of 360 degrees. To get started, follow these steps.

• Insert your batteries into the device
• Plug it in the right receptacle (ensure that the battery has been fully charged)
• Make sure that remote control left throttle stick is located all down before inserting your batteries and then turn on the remote.
• Wait for some seconds to determine whether the devices are going to sync or not. You will hear three beeps once the devices have synced
• Go to the next step if the devices are not synced
• On the remote control’s left throttle stick, push it upwards and then downwards in a quick manner

Built-in 6-axis gyro quad-rotor
The feature ensures stability, easy control as well as strong resistance to wind and other weather conditions you are going to subject the device to.

360-degree flip
You only need to press the key and then you will realize a 360 degree flip. The continuous roll action ensures powerful performance of the unit at the end of the day.

The built in LED light
The flashing LED lights ensures that you have a wonderful flight experience under different light conditions. With the LED lights in place, do not wait until daytime before flying the quadcopter.

The quadcopter comes with a power button. This makes it unique since other products on the market do not have this feature. When you turn the power button on, the LED lights will end up lighting and then flashing throughout the flight session. This shows that your RC quadcopter is ready to be flown. Since the manufacturer has include LED lights on the machine, you can fly it under different light conditions including at night. The only problem is that you might manage to film anything if you opt to fly the device at night.

HD Camera
Although the quality of the camera is not good when compared to some of the top brands on the market, it is not that bad for filming. The camera of this device of 1.3 megapixels and can offer a maximum image of 1280×960. To use the camera of this quadcopter, you should press the video button locate on the transmitted only once. After pressing, the device will indicated LED display on the Camera’s underside. This is a sign that your camera is working.

The quadcopter comes with a 2.4 GHz transmitter that controls it. This simply means that you will not experience any form of interference from any other transmitter. This makes it a perfect choice if you want to use more than one device in the same place. The transmitter uses 4 AA that you need to purchase since they are not included in the package. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase a large package of batteries because they play an immense role when it comes to flying these devices. The quadcopters range is around 300 feet from your transmitter. It is good not to exceed that since the harsh winds can interfere with your flying experience. In addition, you are likely to end up losing your device because of the strong winds blowing in the area. The transmitter has been designed with a button to allow for 360 degree flips. The button is easy to use hence making it a breeze to fly your quadcopter.

The manufacturer has included a USB cable that can be used to charge the device before flying. Therefore, you can connect the device to your computer to charge it. However, it does not come with a wall charge like other brands. The li-Po battery take a duration of about one hour in order to charge to full capacity.

What does the package include?
• Manual
• Screwdriver
• MicroSD card
• Extra blades
• TF card reader
• LiPO 3.7 V 500mAh battery
• USB Connection Cable

Pros of the quadcopter
• Easy controls
• Setting up the quadcopter is simple
• Has a camera that allows to take videos as well as pictures
• It can perform 360 degrees flip
• It has the headless mode setting that make it easier to use by experience as well as novice
• Solider protection to resist collision

Cons of the quadcopter
• The camera video quality is poor
• The battery does not last long
• It is so light such that the wind can blow it away
• The battery is also difficult to open and close
In summary, AKASO X5C is an easy to use and durable quadcopter that rarely disappoints. Whether you are a newbie or experienced pilot, this device has something that will impress you. It has a manual to help get started as soon as you have purchase. Although it requires assembly, the process is simple, thanks to the instructions included in the manual provided in the package. To purchase the device, you can check with online store and enjoy an amazing flying experience.

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AKASO K88 RC Quadcopter 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro Drone review


Lots of drones are coming in market these days. These are improving with time very rapidly. AKASO K88 drone is a new arrival in this segment that has hit the market. It proves to be a great purchase with its cool new features. Designed for all users, simple and friendly for beginners, it’s very light (K88 Quad copter Weights 3.8 OZ) and durable. It is easy and convenient for flying both indoors and outdoors. Some of its highlight features includes built-in 6 axis gyro, solider protection, 360-degree flip, cool flash led lights, built-in HD camera and 2.4 GHz transmitter.

Let’s have a look at this special feature that you get with this strong beast in details.

The best Drone in the Market Today!
And Some of its highlight features includes built-in 6 axis gyro, solider protection, 360-degree flip, cool flash led lights, built-in HD camera and 2.4ghz transmitter. The must to be purchased product.

Built-in 6 Axis Gyro:

The 6-axis gyroscopic balancing gives it a high stability. It provides it abilities for different flight movements and protection against bad weather like foggy or windy days. It gives ability to perform various tricks up, down, left, right or 360 degree roll. You also have speed variation mode and trim. So, while other drones you are competing with topple and crash badly AKASO K88 fly smoothly performing difficult stunts. The product is totally recommended one!

Provides Solider protection

It comes with solider protection; the design of plastic frame is to give protection to blades from any impacts or collisions. Also, they have provided two extra blades for replacement in case of any damage due to hard collision.

360-degree Flip

With this you can get a close feeling of star-war stunts. Its remote comes with dedicated flip and roll button to show aerial stunts. With this you can easily flaunt you all new AKASO K88 in the air.

Cool flash LED lights

It gives a beautiful view in evening or late night sky. This gives you fascinating experience to light up the night sky with your cool drone. It blinks blue, white, red, with the LED strip running around the entire drone giving very fascinating look at night. The drone is all I and my family needs.

Advice: You can increase flight time by around ten minutes if you put these LED off. This is something you can easily do in daytime when there is enough light.

Built-in HD camera

Yes, it comes with HD recording. Make video or shot high definition pictures of your friends, family, events or party. This is very useful and productive feature, a new development in the world of drones. When we bought the product it was like “this is what we were looking for!”

2.4GHz transmitter

The 2.4GHz transmitter gives interference-free, quick and smooth control to this drone. You get a long controlling distance of about 80 to 100 meters and better battery performance. This transmitter allows playing till long distances than any other common drone. We are being crazy about the product since have bought this.

With all these super features you get a perfect drone for your kids. It’s super durability is going to be a great purchase in comparison to those feeble drones that break out easily with some minor clashes. No one wants to get into situation of seeing those newly bought drones getting shattered in no time.

So as you order this sturdy piece, with the package you get two extra propellers, four batteries, a remote and four in one battery charger. The kit also includes a 4 GB micro SD card and reader to store high definition pictures and videos. Finally, an instruction manual and screwdriver:

Let’s analyze it for further details

Coming to its cool remote control, it’s a 4 channel 2.4Ghz device with a range up-to 100 meters. There is a dedicated button to turn this drone for a 360 degree flip stunt. There are separate buttons for each video recording and still picture capturing. There is a trim button on the remote. It is there to correct the flight and improve the stability. You can vary trim setting for giving more stability. You can see propeller speed and trim setting on its one inch screen. Actually, lots of focus is given on the stability of this drone that makes it so durable and sturdy. There are three speed modes with it, low, medium and high. These modes are activated by a single button that you will find on its left side. These modes can be differentiated by the sound of number of beeps on pressing. Single beep for low speed, double beeps for medium speed and three beeps for high speed mode. These can be selected by varying intensity of your press. Finally, on the back side of the remote is the battery compartment. It has space for six AA batteries.

After controlling, let’s come to battery backup of AKASO K88. No one like to have a drone whose battery drains too fast and you are left with no option but to pack up. Well, don’t worry AKASO K88 is powered by four Li-pro 3.7v 850 mAh. Each gives a flight time of around 6 to 8 minutes. So, with 4 such batteries, you get a flight time of around half an hour. You also a get a four port charger to charge all these four batteries simultaneously. It takes between thirty minutes to an hour to charge them all. You can either connects it

the USB wall charger or PC port just as you do with your cell phones.

Moving ahead let’s have a checkout on the it’s special feature of HD video and photo capturing camera. It can take HD photos at 1280 x 1024. For video recording it can record videos at 640 x 480 at 30FPS. It truly justifies with the price of this drone. For all round recording the lens of camera cab rotate up-to 30 degrees. There is a 4 gigabyte micro SD card and reader to record and store these video and photos.

Sumurising the main parameter of AKASO K88:
K88 Quadcopter Size: 13″ x 13″ x 2.5″
Packaging Size: 13.3″ x 13.3″ x 5.5″
K88 Quadcopter Weight: 3.8 OZ
Packaging Weight: 16.2 OZ
Battery: 3.7V 850mAh LiPO
Charging Time: 100~120 mins
Flying Time: 5~7 mins
Controlling Distance: about 50~100 meters

This is the perfect fit for us! Totally recommended. It covers all the features which a drone must have.

Official Shop:AKASO K88 Drone

Amazon Shop:AKASO K88 Drone

What You Don’t Know About AKASO F250S Racing Drone May Shock You


Trying to choose the best drone or an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)? Or perhaps are you an amateur, and you are looking for a great drone that will not your disappoint you when flying your first drone? Could it be an issue of brand, preference, or price to acquire a prime drone? Want to avoid breaking your bank balance and still touch the skies with your drone? Why dont you give AKASO F250S racing drone a try!

In a market fraud with quadcopters, you’ll agree with me that choosing the best drone can be pretty tough particularly if you are after a perfect drone. Therefore you have to make some consideration before commencing the shopping of a drone.

Now, If Are Not Familiar with AKASO F250S Racing Drone Read On To Discover Top 10 Amazing Features That Will Make You To Give It A Try!

Presence of Compact carbon fiber main frame:
With AKASO F250S quadcopter which is DIY UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) you don’t need to worry about it in case, it crashes since it is protected with carbon fibers. Carbon fiber is a composite material that is made from more than two components that have distinct properties.composite material, it helps to reinforce your quadcopter thus preventing from any damage in case it crashes. Carbon fibers also do not add unnecessary weight to your quadcopter since they are oriented to where the load needs the most

Presence of LiPoly battery and charger:
The presence of LiPoly battery and charger helps you to avoid a break throughout in your flying schedule it even allows you to exceed the minimum flight time. Taking your drone down to recharge its battery can also be tiring, but while having LiPoly battery and charger, you can save time you use charging the battery. LiPoly batteries charge quickly and are usually light in weight which is a plus to your drone. They also have a significant charge which 3S 1800mHA 25C 3S LiPo thus providing your quadcopters with more energy in small packages. By also F250s racing drone having a powerful battery you can a achieve 200-500M flight distance.

Presence of 2300KV motors with matched ESC’s:
AKASO F250S racing drone have 2300KV motors with matched ESC’s which makes the quadcopter be the ultimate solution to drones. Only because quality ESC’s that are matched to the motors helps to provide maximum current that helps you to enjoy touching the skies with your drone. ESC’s are the speed controllers.By having 2300KV motor AKASO F250S with Brushless ESC BLHeli 12A can support its weight while maintaining constant quality speed capacity that’s making you enjoy any single flight that you make.

Factory assembled and easy to and operate and control:
AKASO F250S is an amazing quadcopter comes when fully assembled by the manufacturer all is left for you is to charge the 3S 1800mHA 25C 3S LiPo battery and fly. Being factory assembled helps to reduce the risk of assembling the drone in a wrong way which would make it to crash. Presence control channel (6 Channel HTwuueuueu6+HT6DR) is remote controlled you to monitor the movement of also F250s racing drone effectively since it has got strong signal connection ability.
Presence LED lights:
LED lights gears that are present in gives your flights a new face by making them, to appear to be more adorable. LED lights also help your drone’s camera to take clear photos whether at night or in a harsh misty climate. By AKASO F250S having LED light, it makes it easy for you to identify its location with ease.

What are the advantages of acquiring AKASO F250S drone?
1. Akaso F250s racing drone, DIY uav comes with a bag which is of great value as it protects your drone from external damage while not in use. A bag is also a great deal since it makes carrying the drone to be easier.
2. AKASO F250S also comes with eight blades that will allow you to replace its blades in case the amazing drone crashes.
3. AKASO F250S have the ability to fly for a long duration of about 10-14 minutes time flight recharging.

Worry no more about having an ultimate solution to all you desires of racing drone with the above information about AKASO F250S. All is left is for you to read on the above features of also F250s racing drone and makes a wise decision of where to purchase this amazing drone. Happy shopping as you shop AKASO F250S racing drone!

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